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Running a small business is very difficult, especially in the struggling economy, so when IT troubles arise a small nuisance can turn into a disaster very quickly, causing the owner to lose time and money. A business can't function reliably without a dedicated IT support team.  Information Technology is so woven into the underlying backbone of every business that sometimes we don't even notice it's there.  Staying connected with your exchange server, or keeping up with incoming emails is all done on the phone, these capabilities were none existent just ten to fifteen years ago.  Almost all of the businesses from small home ran businesses to large enterprise level firms rely heavily on IT and when things go wrong, like servers crashing, viruses infecting work computers, and data loss it spells monetary disaster to the business owners. 

Owning your own IT team would be a good approach to solve majority of small issues that happen in the day to day computing. However there are also down sides to owning a professional IT team that services your business 24 hours a day 7 days a week.  The difficulty arises when we take into consideration the price of owning your own IT department, an average salary of an IT professional is roughly around $40,000-60,000 per year.  Those figures are a mere coin change when it comes to large publicly owned corporate entities that can afford to have a staff of experts and pay very competitive salaries; however a small business would never be able to afford to keep such a staff on hand. 

This is where IT outsourcing comes into play!  No matter what the job is, there are IT service firms that offer exactly the service you require at a very affordable price.
* Having computer trouble?
* Need to install a network? 
* Need to configure a server or secure your networks?
* Have a project but have no idea how to execute it? 

 IT consulting and IT service firms in your local area can help you manage your small business IT department. It's important to develop an ongoing relationship with your IT service provider. A good place to check is the listing and go with the company that has a professional staff and top notch experts in the field that can help you configure a network, install a server and diagnose and resolve any of your IT related issues. The advantages to outsourcing your IT department includes:
* MUCH cheaper service than hiring an IT staff
* Bring fresh new ideas to the table and outside the box thinking
* Provide a constant monitoring of your systems
* Does not have to be an on-going expense to the owner like an in-house IT staff, only pay for the services performed.


When looking at the advantages of outsourcing the IT from your business its clear that not only is it cheaper, but the results are much better as well.  Being able to switch IT service firms also helps bring in new ideas and different ways of doing certain tasks.



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