The purpose of our blog is to educate business owners on various ways to save money and run their businesses more efficient. Our blog is used strictly to educate and share ideas along with reviews of various new hardware & software and to provide walk throughs and tutorials. We don't push any sales or products in any of our blog posts, nor do we recieve any benefit from reviewing any software or hardware. We welcome all of the comments from our readers, share ideas, learn and discuss.

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Importance of RAID in a server

The advantages of using RAID is that an array provides data redundancy, increased performance and is much more cost efficienct than a single large disk...



Why you should fire your IT department

Running a small business is very difficult, so when IT troubles arise a small nuisance can turn into a disaster very quickly, causing the owner to lose time and money. A business can't function reliably without a dedicated IT support team.



Build a small business IT infrastructure

Small Businesses must have a solid backbone when it comes to servers, networks and switches. The correct hardware and software selection could mean the difference between...











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